Other Media

When I’m not teaching or writing for academics, I enjoy bringing philosophy to a wider audience. Below you’ll find links to a podcast that I co-host; some video and podcast interviews (and a debate!) on free will, time travel, and divine foreknowledge; and some writing I have done with non-specialists in mind.

Podcast: The Free Will Show

Do any of us really have free will? Hasn’t science disproved free will? How could we have free will if God exists and foreknows everything that we will ever do?

The Free Will Show provides a beginner-friendly introduction to the topic of free will while at the same time exposing listeners to cutting-edge developments on the topic. Hosted by a couple of philosophers, Taylor Cyr and Matt Flummer, The Free Will Show features interviews with guests on a diverse array of issues relating to free will, including issues in science and theology.

You can listen at the show’s website, thefreewillshow.com, or wherever you get your podcasts (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts).

Interview on the Possibility of Time Travel

Also available as a podcast here.

Interview on Free Will Basics (and My View)

Also available as a podcast here.

Interview on Tenet and the Grandfather Paradox

Interview on Free Will and Divine Foreknowledge

Interview on God’s Timelessness and Human Free Will

Debate on Free Will and Divine Foreknowledge (with Philip Swenson)

Popular Philosophy Writing

3. “Time Travel and Causal Loops in Dark,” andphilosophy.com (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series), 2020.

2. “Manipulation and Moral Responsibility,” 1000-Word Philosophy, 2019.

1. “Time Travel,” 1000-Word Philosophy, 2018. [Italian translation published by L’Indiscreto, 2019.]

Other Writing

2. “Learning in the Time of the Pandemic” (with Philip Swenson), on the “Moral Talk” Blog at Psychology Today.

1. “Why (and How) Christians Should Study Philosophy,” at The Gospel Coalition. [Video interview about this piece on the Finding Truth YouTube channel.]