My research focuses mainly on issues pertaining to free will, moral responsibility, and the badness of death. Here are some papers that I have published on these issues.

Published Articles

12. “Freedom, Foreknowledge, and Dependence: A Dialectical Intervention” (with Andrew Law), American Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming.

11. “Carving a Life from Legacy: Free Will and Manipulation in Greg Egan’s ‘Reasons to Be Cheerful’,” Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy, forthcoming.

10. “Moral Responsibility, Luck, and Compatibilism,” Erkenntnis, forthcoming.

9. “Free Will, Grace, and Anti-Pelagianism” (with Matthew T. Flummer), International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 83 (2), 2018: 183-199.

8. “Is Semicompatibilism Unstable?” Disputatio 9 (45), 2017: 245-264.

7. “Semicompatibilism: No Ability to Do Otherwise Required,” Philosophical Explorations 20 (3), 2017: 308-321.

6. “Moral Responsibility for Actions and Omissions: A New Challenge to the Asymmetry Thesis,” Philosophical Studies 174 (12), 2017: 3153-3161.

5. “How Does Death Harm the Deceased?” In John K. Davis, ed., Ethics at the End of Life: New Issues and Arguments. Routledge, 2017: 29-46.

4. “Death’s Badness and Time-Relativity: A Reply to Purves,” Journal of Ethics 20 (4), 2016: 435-444.

3. “A Puzzle About Death’s Badness: Can Death Be Bad for the Paradise-Bound?” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 80 (2), 2016: 145-162.

2. “The Parallel Manipulation Argument,” Ethics 126 (4), 2016: 1075-1089.

1. “Rationally Not Caring About Torture: A Reply to Johansson,” Journal of Ethics 18 (4), 2014: 331-339.

Book Review

1. Review of Causation and Free Will, by Carolina Sartorio, Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming.