My research focuses mainly on issues pertaining to free will, moral responsibility, the badness of death, and time. Here are some papers that I have published on these issues, with links to the published version, where possible. For penultimate drafts (never behind a paywall), see my PhilPeople profile or my profile.


2. How Free Are We? Conversations from The Free Will Show (with Matthew T. Flummer). Oxford University Press, under contract.

1. Freedom, Responsibility, and Value: Essays in Honor of John Martin Fischer (co-edited with Andrew Law and Neal A. Tognazzini). Routledge, under contract.


23. “The Robustness Requirement on Alternative Possibilities,” Journal of Ethics, forthcoming.

22. “Dependence and the Freedom to Do Otherwise,” Faith and Philosophy, forthcoming.

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Reply by Jens Johansson: “Asymmetry and Incoherence: A Reply to Cyr,” Journal of Ethics 21 (2), 2017: 215-221.

Book Chapters

5. “Election and Human Agency” (with Leigh Vicens), in Edwin Chr. Van Driel (ed.), T&T Clark Companion to Election. T&T Clark, forthcoming.

4. “Natural Compatibilists Should Be Theological Compatibilists,” in Leigh Vicens and Peter Furlong (eds.), New Essays on Theological Determinism. Cambridge University Press, 2022: 119-132.

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1. “How Does Death Harm the Deceased?” In John K. Davis, ed., Ethics at the End of Life: New Issues and Arguments. Routledge, 2017: 29-46.

Book Reviews

2. Review of Manipulated Agents: A Window to Moral Responsibility, by Alfred R. MelePhilosophical Quarterly 70, 2019: 207-209.

1. Review of Causation and Free Will, by Carolina Sartorio, Journal of Moral Philosophy 15, 2018: 475-478.