My research focuses mainly on issues pertaining to free will, moral responsibility, and the badness of death. Here are some papers that I have published on these issues.

Published Articles

Moral Responsibility, Luck, and Compatibilism,” Erkenntnis, forthcoming.

Free Will, Grace, and Anti-Pelagianism” (with Matthew T. Flummer), International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, forthcoming.

Is Semicompatibilism Unstable?” Disputatio, forthcoming.

Semicompatibilism: No Ability to Do Otherwise Required,” Philosophical Explorations 20 (3), 2017: 308-321.

Moral Responsibility for Actions and Omissions: A New Challenge to the Asymmetry Thesis,” Philosophical Studies 174 (12), 2017: 3153-3161.

How Does Death Harm the Deceased?” In John K. Davis, ed., Ethics at the End of Life: New Issues and Arguments. Routledge, 2017: 29-46.

Death’s Badness and Time-Relativity: A Reply to Purves,” Journal of Ethics 20 (4), 2016: 435-444.

A Puzzle About Death’s Badness: Can Death Be Bad for the Paradise-Bound?” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 80 (2), 2016: 145-162.

The Parallel Manipulation Argument,” Ethics 126 (4), 2016: 1075-1089.

Rationally Not Caring About Torture: A Reply to Johansson,” Journal of Ethics 18 (4), 2014: 331-339.

Book Review

Review of Causation and Free Will, by Carolina Sartorio, Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming.